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Ziyi Joshua LIU

East China University of Science and Technology, Meilong Rd., Xuhui District, Shanghai, China


East China University of Science and Technology Sept, 2020 — Jul, 2024

BEng Major in Intelligence and Robotics (Robotics).
Relevant Courses: 
  • Mathematical Foundations for Artificial Intelligence (3.7/4.0, A-), 
  • Principles and Design of Embedded Systems (3.0/4.0, B), 
  • Pattern Learning and Machine Learning (3.3/4.0, B+), 
  • Machine Learning Tools and Platforms (3.7/4.0, A-), 
  • Robotics Principles and Design (2.3/4.0, C+), 
  • Computer Graphic (3.7/4.0, A-).

East China University of Science and Technology Oct, 2021 — Feb, 2023

Mini-major Diploma Major in Computer Science and Technology
Relevant courses: Data Structures and Algorithms, Principles of Database Systems, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Networking.


Bank of Communication Financial Technology Co,Ltd. Dec, 2022 — Feb, 2023

Back-end Developer
  • Created an updated HRM using a low-code platform and its APIs, designed its relational database and automated the process from pre-employment to employee management. 
  • Developed OCR APIs for HRM (Human Resource Management) using the OpenAPI standard, improving the efficiency and accuracy of data capture. 
  • Participated in the DevOps process for the company's supply chain and debt management platform, contributing to integration testing, compilation, deployment and test case management.

ISCAS (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences) Apr, 2022 — Sept, 2022

Development and Testing
  • Tested and packaged software such as Autoconf-2.13 and Pijul on the openEuler platform, ensuring compatibility and functionality within the openEuler operating system.
  • Developed "rsensleak" partially, a document-sensitive information recognition tool based on Rust, which analyses documents and identifies sensitive information such as passwords, key tokens, and private information.

Academic Projects

Light pollution assessment and prediction (COMAP Interdisciplinary Contest in Modelling (ICM)) Feb, 2023

  • Developing a light pollution level evaluation system, utilising data related to social development, industrial levels, and ecological conditions as evaluation variables. 
  • Collecting, cleaning and mining historical data in eight different eastern and western United States regions, and the data extracted from satellite remote sensing maps and GIS information as criteria for current light pollution levels. Fitting them to conduct the evaluation index parameters. 
  • Using both subjective and objective evaluation methods, including individual evaluations using DEMATEL and network analysis (ANP). And using multiple regression analysis for accurate testing and assessment.

Time Series Based Climate Prediction and Attribution Analysis (APMCM Mathematical Modeling Contest) Dec, 2022

  • Built ARIMA and XGboost model to predict global temperature rise, found temperature will reach 20°C in 2048. 
  • Conducted hypothesis testing and got a 97.6872% probability to reject the assumption of no abnormal rise in March 2022 due to the potential effect of the global epidemic. 
  • Used PC algorithm and DTW to attribute temperature change to human activities dominating natural factors.

Signal base station siting problem (MathorCup Mathematical Modeling Program) Apr, 2022

  • Implemented a particle swarm optimization model with additional coordinates as guide terms for central base station planning using K-Means clustering and incorporated coordinates based on greedy thinking for branch base station planning. I enhanced signal base station optimization by partitioning map outliers. 
  • Refined base station coverage boundary into three principal directions, calculating coverage using an approximation of a circle of equal area. The line connecting the base station centre and the circle determined the main direction of signal emission. 
  • The improved PSO demonstrated faster convergence and higher accuracy, with final model parameters extracted with an error of less than 2%, outperforming the traditional BOKM algorithm.

Speech-Recognition-Based Mechanical System for Lift Control Apr, 2021 — Jun, 2021

Software Developer and Tester
  • Developed a Raspberry Pi-based lift control mechanism, utilizing stepper motors, magnetic switches, and Huawei's voice recognition API for contactless operations during pandemics. 
  • This Python-controlled innovation secured the second prize at the 10th Shanghai City University Students Mechanical Engineering Innovation Contest.

Reward and Certifications

  • Huawei "Intelligence Base" Outstanding Student Scholarship (Level B, selection rate 1%);
  • The Shanghai College Information Technology Level Examination in Big Data and Cloud Computing, Level 4 (Mar, 2023, Highest Level);
  • The Shanghai College Information Technology Level Examination in C Programming and Application, Level 3 (Jan, 2022, Highest Level);
  • Successful Participant in COMAP Interdisciplinary Contest in Modelling (ICM) (Jun, 2021);
  • Successful Participant in Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Feb, 2023);
  • Third Prize of the 12th National E-Commerce "Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship" Challenge Contest (Jun, 2022);
  • The Second Prize in 10th University Students Mechanical Engineering Innovation Contest, Shanghai (Nov, 2022).


School Publicity and Media Sector of Youth League Committee, East China University of Science and Technology Sept, 2020 — Aug, 2022

Head of Department
  • Coordinated the day-to-day work of a 20-member working group. Ran the operation of the college's WeChat official account, "Huali Xinyuan", which has 7,000+ active users and has been awarded "4-star member media" by the Shanghai University Media Union for two consecutive years (2020 and 2021);
  • Organised college-wide freshers' icebreakers with over 300 participants. Held two "Geek Festivals" in which we joined forces with other colleges and companies, such as Dell and Huawei, and promoted information technology interestingly and diversely, engaging people in creativity and hands-on work.


  • Native in Mandarin; fluent in Cantonese;
  • Proficient in English (IELTS 6.5, CET-6 583), Beginner in French;
  • AHA Heartsaver Basic Life Support and CPR Certificate, American Heart Association, 2022;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, SPSS, Origin, MATLAB, and other office software;
  • Programming Tool: Linux, C/C++, Python, Rust, SQL, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, \LaTeX, Markdown;
  • Development Tool: Git, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenAPI, Postman, Swagger;
  • Development Framework: Flask, Django, Bootstrap, jQuery, Node.js.